Jazz musicals and performances

Porgy and Bess


West Side Story

What is this genre? This is a celebration, the greatest show, if you like, in which life is in full swing, the main characters live with emotions and all this is supported by great music, and if it is jazz, then this is a bigger plus. Dialogues are mixed with songs and dances, the whole action is constantly in motion. This is achieved due to the fact that each vocal or dance number is inseparable from the plot, it is organically inscribed in the thread of the narration and it will not work out. By the way, about the plot, he plays a big role, which is why the performance is always performed in a clear and accessible language, and sometimes the composer chooses masterpieces of world literature as the primary source, but not always. Sometimes they are written on real events of our time, sharp, savory or frightening. Due to its entertainment - this is the most successful theatrical art, in which there will always be fans. The very first musical was staged back in 1866 and since then such performances have not been released from all the world scenes.

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