How to remember chords on the beginnings of famous melodies

It doesn't matter what causes the urgent need to memorize chords by heart. Perhaps you need to show off skills in front of fellow musicians. Or, much worse, the solfeggio exam is “on the nose”, and you do not distinguish a triad from a quartekstektakord — a crime within the framework of the criminal code, in the opinion of your theorist.

Playing the chords on the piano

Article for those who learn to play chords on the piano to the songs. Surely you come across such songbooks, where guitar chords with their tablature, that is, transcripts that let you know which string and where to press it to make one or another chord, are attached to the text. The manual, which is in front of you, is something like such tablature, only in relation to keyboard instruments.

American music

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Chuck Berry: interesting facts, best songs, biography, listen

Chuck Berry Want to know how the history of rock and roll began? With the courageous experiments of Chuck Berry. This lively, energetic African American has become a source of inspiration for many musicians. Fans of the genre are wondering: would you hear the world of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or The Animals, if not for Chuck Berry?

Jazz quintet "Edelweiss"

Angelika Markova (vocal) - Winner of the international jazz competition, participant of jazz festivals (Arkhangelsk, Samara, etc.), graduate of the Russian Academy of Music. Gnesinyh. Lecturer of the RATI-GITIS (Estrada faculty, courses Garkalina V., Schukina A., Borisova M., Shanina E., Vasilyeva Y.) Permanent soloist of the group "Edelweiss".

La Campanella. Musical performances. Old songs.

What is old music like? What first comes to mind at the mention of it? Perhaps, the smooth and graceful movements of the dancers in elegant camisoles and powdered wigs? And perhaps the Gregorian chant, imbued with the spirit of severe asceticism? Or unpretentious old songs to the accompaniment of viola da gamba and lute?