How to choose a good online English course?

There are many ways to master the subtleties of the language: from banal listening to audio lessons to acquaintance with English-language YouTube and watching foreign films (it is even surprising how evening watching your favorite movie can bring not only pleasure, but also benefit).

Everyone chooses the method of study, which he likes.

Independent study of the language is excellent, but this is only an auxiliary factor, due to which you can consolidate your knowledge and distract from the boring theory.

Agree, without knowledge of the vocabulary and principles of building sentences, you can even forget about reading the post in Instagram in English.

To bring the language to a really good level, you need classes with a teacher who will "lay down" the basic knowledge necessary for further, including independent language learning.

Therefore, it is extremely important to take a responsible approach to the choice of a teacher - your guide to a new culture.

We offer you some useful tips when choosing a teacher and a language learning course:

Tip 1. Having not only video, but also audio up to date

Each language course is chosen for the user based on his preferences, but whatever type of work is used, everything is always aimed at improving the four basic skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Therefore, pay attention to the types of work that are foreseen in the course, since work solely on reading or speaking will not fully work on your level of language.

Pay attention to the presence of both audio and video lessons in the course, since it is very important to perceive English speech not only with the help of visual effects (pictures, video sequence), but also exclusively by ear.

Video + AudioCourse English for Beginners: //

Tip 2. Evaluate the availability of feedback from the course or the teacher.

The earth is full of rumors - our ancestors noticed, but this is still true today. Pay attention to the ratio of positive and negative reviews.

Remember, there is absolutely no empty page with reviews, especially if the teacher is positioning himself as a professional in his field.

In addition, in the reviews, users describe the actual advantages and disadvantages of the program, the practice / theory ratios, the ways of studying, even the banal time and the number of lessons per week.

Based on this information, you can determine whether this solution is suitable for you.

Tip 3. The right balance of price and quality.

You say: "It's the same language learning, and not buying a car, all the same knowledge is the same, no difference. Better save."

But too low a price may indicate that the teacher is a beginner, or - this is the price for the "skeleton" of the course (something like a demo version), but in fact, he is "stuffed" with various "bonuses" that you will need to purchase. separately, and in the course of classes you will have to overpay for additional information.

Or, after the course, you will need to register again to another specialist and spend your money again to get the same information, but with a professional approach.

As you know, not always, expensive means good, and cheap - does not guarantee strong knowledge, even at the small price that you pay for it. It is important, no matter how trite, to find a middle ground.

Tip 4. Course development

Pay attention to the qualifications and personal file of the teacher who compiled the course. What is the specialist guided by, combining exactly these types of tasks, and why exactly he will provide you with the most effective lesson plan.

Answer for yourself the question: "Why should I choose it?"
The course should ideally be developed by a Russian-speaking teacher, together with native speakers, as this will help to more fully immerse in the study of the language in the same way as those for whom English is their native language.

If you are only planning to study English and are thinking about choosing a teacher, then the most proven way to find the right specialist is to try. Someone finds the perfect way for himself on the first attempt, and someone needs 5-6 attempts.

In any case, success in learning English depends on interest, desire to learn the language and dedication.

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