How did this site appear

Dear readers, on the page "About the site" you can read about the goals that guided me when I decided to create this site. You see that the site is actively developing - new useful materials and informational articles are being laid out, and many of them are original. Indeed, some information has not yet been on the Internet, but now it is available to any reader, and you can find it on my website under the headings "Materials for study", "Trainings" and on other pages.

Today I would like to tell you about how the website appeared and how the training in the free StartUp Internet business school helped me in this matter. It all started with an ordinary subscription to the mailing list, which I ignored for a very long time in my mailbox on Yandex. I do not remember how I subscribed to this newsletter. I always wondered how the sites are arranged, and what are the mechanisms of their work on the Internet, but I kept learning all these tricks every time, thinking something like: "I will see sometime when I have free time." It happened this time too: most likely, I stumbled upon some interesting things again, signed and forgot.

Analyzing the debris in the mailbox, I began to open letters from the center “Your Start” and in one of them I found an invitation to a series of free webinars to create my website on the Internet and receive income from it. I have never participated in webinars before; I decided to find out what it is. I registered my data and entered the online class at the appointed hour, the lesson did not start yet, there were many people from different cities in the network - we found this out by chatting while we were waiting for the coach. Chat on webinars is used solely for educational purposes, so the more we are massively "chatted", now we communicate with colleagues on our own sites or in social networks.

I don’t remember exactly who conducted the first seminar (this is easy, find out if you look at the recording), but from the first minutes I realized that it was not for nothing that I came here - here and now I will be taught what I have long wanted to learn. The coach began to tell how, step by step, simply repeating the actions after him, we will create your website. Webinar is a theoretical lesson, the next morning I received a recording of the last broadcast and homework — a practical block with tasks and video lessons, having studied that each participant had already created his own website on the Internet in the first week of his personal interests.

It seems that if I were not a student of the "StartUp" school, it would have never been possible to create a website. Immediately, the case was set thoroughly - the student receives powerful streams of necessary information and direct instructions on what, how and with what tools it is better to do. Relax does not give mandatory reporting of results.

Four weeks, so much the initial course lasted, flew by unnoticed in an atmosphere of constant creativity. These sentiments were maintained in the classroom — homework competitions were held, the winners were selected by a general vote and were awarded prizes.

The trainers Evgeny Khodchenkov and Mikhail Gavrilov prepared thoroughly for the course, offering not only practical knowledge, but also touching upon a wide range of issues of modern life. For example, one of the permanent forms of homework was reading business literature. For three weeks we met with a selection of three useful books. Other interesting materials on this topic can be found on the official website of the school, as well as on other sites of its founders. For example, Evgeny Khodchenkov's website / blog // is dedicated to the topic of successful business and entrepreneurship on the Internet. There you can find information about all free trainings and school programs (including new ones), which everyone can participate in.

Summing up ... So, dear readers, the appearance on the Internet of my new site took place thanks to the training of the school "StartUp" and my passion for academic music. It remains only to say that everything that helped me is available to you.


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