Intense cultural life

Today it has become fashionable to send their children to study abroad, including music. Czech educational institutions are very much appreciated. So you can learn the culture of the country, and study subjects from different fields. It's amazing how a boy from a small town in Germany, David Garrett, could become a real star and winner of many awards!

Still a good school in Germany. No wonder that it was from there Bach, Beethoven and other composers. So, in the Prague Conservatory, famous Czech musicians teach music. Studying in all specialties lasts 6 years. Students learn English, German. Note that the conservatory often invites foreign specialists to master classes for students.

And next to the conservatory is the Czech Philharmonic. Students have many opportunities to get acquainted with the art of foreign musicians. By the way, the school year starts here on September 1. You can enroll in classical singing, acting or composing and conducting.

To work the musicians need different equipment. If you are interested in professional low-cost microphones, then detailed information can be advised to look at the site on the network. There are certificates of quality, the warranty is valid. The use of radio microphones is actually found in almost every home.

It is known that musicologists are educated at the theoretical and composition faculty of the Conservatory. They receive lecturing and teaching practice. They study such disciplines as polyphony, harmony, and instrumentation. Musicologists are authors of research on the work of composers from different eras. These include authors of music textbooks, conservatory professors and teachers of music schools.

The work of a musicologist is very exciting! He edits the notes, writes various critical articles. This profession requires the ability to understand and in the music of the past, and in the musical phenomena of modernity. Also, a true professional musicologist is unthinkable without a fluent piano. In Soviet musicology, for example, there were many outstanding music scientists.

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