What is computer music?

Computer music appeared relatively recently, since computers appeared. And, as a term, it was used by professional specialists to designate in the field of engineering developments one way or another connected with sound, digital sound processing, and digital sound synthesizer.

Nowadays, the term "Computer Music" is used by everyone. But mostly, these are music listeners and performers. It applies to club music, as well as any other music that is created using music and computer technology. It is considered the music of the XXI century. Now music on the computer can not only be processed, but also created from scratch.

Synthesizer programs

Programs - synthesizers are indispensable when creating computer music. One such synthesizer is a wavetable MIDI synthesizer. He is represented by Roland. Contains 902 sounds and 26 drum kits, works on any Windows operating system. Yamaha also released a good MIDI synthesizer. It contains 676 instruments and 21 drum kits.

A very useful program is Audio Phonics Guitar Tuner. This program very accurately defines guitar notes. With the help of EarMaster you can develop your musical ear. Transcribe! will help you with the selection of melodies and in creating chords.

As you have noticed, basically, there is a MIDI standard. And all because only it provides you with great creative opportunities when working with music and sound on a computer. It would be nice to have a MIDI keyboard. After all, MIDI-melody can not be entered from a microphone or tape, it is not a digital sound. Although most music synthesizers allow you to play a simple melody with an ordinary computer mouse.

Real computer music is created using a large number of MIDI tracks. Each track is created separately on such a special synthesizer. You can also edit MIDI tracks separately.

Voice recording via microphone on computer

Often, computer music requires voice recording via a microphone to a computer. And, of course, various programs have been invented for this purpose. For such an operation, the usual standard program, which is called "Sound Recording", is also suitable. There is in any modern computer.

You can also install Sound Forge on your computer for voice recording, which will be much more serious. After all, computer music is not only melodies created using computer programs. It can be recorded with your voice songs.

There are different sound formats: digital and analog. One of the most famous digital formats is MP3. This is where it is best to work when creating a voice recording. The usual format in which the sound recording is saved when using the standard tab in the start-up "sound recording" does not reach the desired quality.

Watch the video: THIS is computer music: Ge Wang at TEDxStanford (January 2020).


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