Cheerful waltz

"Merry Waltz"

Goal of the game: development of attention and metro rhythm. Teach your child to accurately reproduce the heard rhythm. In a game form, develop a rhythmic ear and get acquainted with the three-part size, using the example of a waltz. In addition, working in a team and playing together on a simple musical instrument favorably affects the development of the child.

Preparing for the game "Merry Waltz": you will need musical instruments - tambourines. You can use the simplest of children's sets or professional ones. Each participant should have them. In addition, the presenter must pick up the musical material in advance - it must be a well-known waltz with a clear rhythm.

Course of the game "Merry Waltz": children should stand in a circle and pick up their instruments. The presenter turns on the music. The task of the participants is to learn how to find and allocate three beats in the dance with the help of their instrument. To do this, an adult takes turns showing a child who has to hit the tambourine three times to the beat, to the beats. The task is quite difficult for the unprepared, especially children of a younger age category, so you can suggest the place of entry. Suppose that at the beginning the leader indicates with a nod and repeats the blows of the instrument together with the participants. At this time, all the others do not stand still, and pronounce the words "Do not hell!" (during strokes), which also contributes to the rhythmic pattern of the waltz. At first, the intervals between the beats of a tambourine should be large so that the children are accustomed to the music and have learned the three-part ripple well. Gradually, the task can be complicated and reduce the distance between the choice of a new "executor".

In such an interesting game form, you can acquaint children with other dance genres, for example, with the march and polka.

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