Electronic keyboards: characteristics, types

String and wind instruments - the most ancient on our planet. But the piano or the piano also belong to the strings, but the organ to the winds, although they cannot be called ancient (except the organ, since it is believed that it was invented by the Greek even before our era). The fact is that the first piano appeared only at the beginning of the XVIII century.

The predecessor of one of the most popular instruments was the harpsichord, which has long been forgotten. Now, however, even the piano recedes into the background. He was replaced by digital pianos and electronic synthesizers. Now you can buy a music synthesizer in almost any home appliance store, not to mention music stores. In addition, there are a number of other keyboard instruments, which are based on keyboard synthesizers.

Nowadays, keyboard instruments (we are talking mainly about piano) exist in almost every secondary school, as well as in some secondary and higher educational institutions. Not only representatives of the administration of educational institutions, but also the authorities are interested in this.

Moreover, the price range of keyboard synthesizers is quite wide: from the cheapest for home to the most expensive workstations for professional musicians. You can order a synthesizer at any store of musical instruments, where you can find the option that is right for you.

Types of keyboards

In addition to the classic types, the model range of modern keyboard instruments is replenished every year (electronic and club music play a major role in this), including synthesizers, midi keyboards, digital pianos, vocoders, and various keyboard combos.

The list goes on and on. This trend is not accidental, since the music industry requires innovations in the music field, and keyboard instruments have succeeded in innovating more than others. In addition, many performers are increasingly beginning to use various synthesizers and their derivatives in their work.

Keyboard synthesizers

Keyboard synthesizers are a type of electronic musical instruments, they can imitate sounds that make other instruments, synthesize new sounds and create a unique sound. Great popularity came to keyboard synthesizers in the 70-80s, in the period of development of pop music.

Modern models of keyboard synthesizers with a sequencer are a kind of workstation. They are divided into digital, analog and virtual analog (how to choose a synthesizer). The most popular companies: Casio (WK synthesizer), as well as multifunctional workstations. Such devices include synthesizers Korg (Korg), Roland (Roland), Yamaha (Yamaha), etc.

Midi keyboard

A midi keyboard is one type of midi controller, which is a regular piano keyboard with additional buttons and faders. These devices, as a rule, do not have speakers and work only with an amplifier, which is usually a computer.

These keyboards are very convenient, so they are most often used in recording studios, especially in the home. Therefore, if you plan to equip a recording studio, you can always get yourself a midi keyboard.

Digital pianos

The digital piano is an almost complete analogue of an acoustic instrument, with the only difference being that it can reproduce sounds not only of the piano, but also of some other instruments. Good quality digital pianos are almost as good as acoustic pianos, while having a huge plus — much smaller sizes. In addition, the tactile effect is the same as from the piano.

It’s not surprising that now more and more professional musicians prefer electronic to the classical instrument. Another advantage is that digital pianos have become more affordable than their predecessor.

Keyboard combos

The combo amplifier is an electronic amplifier with a speaker. Such devices are intended for use with electronic tools. Accordingly, the keyboard combo is designed for use with electronic keyboards. It is usually used as a monitor for live performances or at rehearsals. Also used when working with midi keyboards.

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